Motor misses a beat ?

I think it's normal as I've heard many a side valve "lawnmower" type motors do this.
But after my 91 341cc warms up good it has this thing where it skips a beat in firing.. I laugh and say it's trying to do Morris Code.
Not really bad but every few seconds it seems to fail to ignite or something.
Is this totally normal of is there a simple fix for it ?
I tried to get a video of it but the Mic just wouldn't pick it up well enough.
But it's just as I described, at low rpm it's pop pop pop Blank pop pop pop.
Can't tell if the govener is going back and forth, miss fire or a fuel problem or it's just the way it runs ?
Guess if it bothers me enough I'll take the carb off and clean it real good.
If it does it at higher rpms I can't really tell, but I think it does as I can tell up to mid range, then I guess it's spinning fast enough it rolls on over without much of a stud'r...

If I could take the access panel off and drive it and watch the govener arm without crashing I could eliminate that one.
Never tried that
But after driving it more today I'm starting to think it's the govener pulling it back, then peps back up and so on. Like surging but a bit more of a stumble making it sound like it's cutting off then back on.
Now when I floor it, it just goes and sounds smooth. But as I've said in another thread it starts to slow down.
I'll try and take the govener loose and see if it just thumps along all nice like or still does it.