Motor Heating


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I have a 95 EZGO Medalist. It runs great.
What I want to know is how long can I drive this cart around town at wide open throttle before the motor gets hot enough to cause damage?
Are these set up to run indefinitely?
Will they run through a whole charge with four people on the cart and not hurt the motor?
It is running so nice now that I just don't want my lack of knowledge to end up damaging the motor in my cart.


I run mine around the cottage at full throttle all the time and have never had any problems. Round trip is around 15 miles if I cruise every street, with some steep hills. As long as all your cable connections are clean and tight you should be fine.


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We have taken ours to a local town where it is registered and can be driven on the streets. On Sunday my and I and my oldest son and his wife were riding around on it for nearly an hour.

I asked the question because after full throttle operation for several miles, it seems to have less power than when we first started out. I have the battery gauge, so I know that we still have plenty of charge in the batteries. I have never run it long enough for the charge to drop more than about 1/3 of the gauge.

I just figured the carts were designed for short spurts, then playing some golf, then another short spurt, etc. That got me to thinking that long periods of full throttle operation may get the motor too hot.

Thank you for your help and quick response.