motor heat


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Well i got her on the road now. My first 2 passenger 12 mile run with small hills and alot of stop signs. I am running 6 group 27s , altrax 450 and the stock 36 volt motor with 8 to 1 gear set . i got home and found the motor case was about 150F . how bad is that for the motor. but i got 39 mph flatland . anyone out there with similar problems


If the motor is to hot to hold your hand on it's to hot in my opinion. I've never checked on with a thermometer so I can't help you there. Maybe someone else will jump in and give you some better information.


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My IR thermometer broke and I haven't replaced it yet so I can't give you an accurate temp reading.
After a long run on my series motor it is so hot you can't put your hand on it and it's been like that for years.
I have been led to believe that these can run up to 180 degrees F and higher without any problem.
Motor armatures are usually done with silver solder so it won't start throwing solder until it's over 350 degrees F.


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Im looking for a on board temp gauge to see how hot i'm step cooling fan. bad back this week so we are on hold till my body gets better. thanks for the input.