Motor Continues to Run

EZGo Rider

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I have an EZGo 1998 4 stroke. The engine continues to run when I come to a stop. I have to turn the key to the off position to get it to shut down. I recently had the carburetor removed and cleaned and put back on. Can anyone tell me what is causing this "run-on" or "deiseling" of my motor?


Your throttle cable probably needs to be adjusted. The carb must close completely just before the micro switch deactivates on the gas pedal. It sounds like the carb isn't closing all the way. Or the micro switch on the gas pedal isn't working like it should.


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I'm having the same problem that it won't shut off
i've checked the micro switch and it appears to be working and by disconnecting the wires/ or by touching the wires together it should make it shut off but doesn't? not sure about the carb???


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check the adjustment on the butterfly it may be adjusted open to far and i believe this could cause your type of problem . if you need to make an adjustment turn adjustment screw out until it just closes butterfly all the way and adjust it back open until it just pushes on butterfly a little maybe one half turn. i think having your govenor to tight could also contribute to this. my cart was doing the very same thing once before and this was a couple of things that i made adjustments on.