motor caseing


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Hi All,
Me again I have fixed most of the problems with the batteries the PDO only charged the batteries for 12 hours (charger has 12 hour timer on it ) before using it for golf, the charger always charged at 20 amp hrs, it took me 36 hours to bring the batteries up to full charge so that the charger now starts at 20 amp hours and reduces down to zero after 5 mins or so that made me happy, I also fitted a desulpherizer to my cart and it will take about 8 weeks to clean the batteries ( I know I read about snakeoil in the forum but if it works it will save me $1200 for new batteries , if it doesn't no worries).
I have another question for the knowledgable people on this forum, should I have 18.3 volts on the motor casing, using my multimeter at 200v I placed the neg lead on the main negative battery pole and with the positive lead checked the motor casing and I have 18.3v and I don't think it's right any help would be appreciated, the cart is a stock standard 1990 Marathon 36v