motor brush question


how do you know when its close to needing new brushes? car dont go very well?

also is there any info on how to take motor apart to replace them. did a search for the topic did not see it


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what year is it? brushes have a minimum wear mark on them but there are a dozen things that could be wrong before i would jump at say it dosn,t go well what do you mean??? how old are the batteries?? whens the last time they were about the cables are they good are the ends clean are they nice and tight?? start with your basics 1st ...............and yes there are service manuals out there that you can buy and some you can download..................................


sorry bad typing , nothing is wrong with my cart yet i was try to ask for an example of how to tell if they were going bad.

i know i need to get new batts soon is my only prob. that and the $$$ for them.

being its so old one day i would like to check to see if they need replaced.