Mosquito netting?


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I wasn't sure where to post this, so I hope you don't mind it here.
I have a lifted 2006 EZGO TXT 4 seater. (the kind where you can fold down the back seat and its a shelf).
We love taking a ride around our wooded property in the evenings. But the mosquitoes have gotten really bad. I know they make mosquito netting enclosures, but I'm thinking it would be much cheaper to just buy a large piece of netting and throw it over the cart. Its usually just my husband and I, so it would only need to go over the front area.
Anyone tried this before? We could just somehow clip it to the cart in various places to keep it secure.
Any suggestions?


I've never tried it before but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Actually it's a pretty good idea.


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Thanks HotRodCarts and easygoer,
I have noticed that I almost can outrun them in the cart, but that's going full speed, and not enjoying any of the scenery!


If you have an Army surplus store in your area they should have what you need. If not let me know, I have a few extras from deployments. Dollar General has picnic table clips for holding down a table cover which should be able to clip the netting to your roof supports.