more upgrade questions


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i bought 2 more golf carts
what was i thinking .
ist is a 2005 36 volt ezgo limo it has a 3 way rocker toggle switch on dash as forward and reverse. the veh serial numer is 052061057 has a curtis controller 24-36 volt 300a model 1243-4320.
has custom seat covers but wood is getting soft body ok runs stops charges goes good. with that being said i am ready to tear it all apart paint it put new rims and tires and make it go faster
where do we start
i will be using cart at camp ground on paved roads , thinking really wide tires in rear smaller ones in front to give it nice rake. not sure whether to beef up 36 volt???? or ad 2 more 6 volt and ????? to go 48 volt? . will get pic soon and also pics of my lifted taxi theme gas ezgo you guys helped me build last winter ... thanks

also got a noland car serial # 20806 4 seat 8 passenger plus 4 foot cargo area this thing is long and different it runs but has a bad resister and who knows what else lol has duel rear axles kinda cool any info would be great


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No one is mad. Just slow. Someone will answer you sooner of later. There should be posts on this subject all ready. Do some digging while you wait.


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1st one's a PDS, good cart, lots of upgrades available. 2nd cart is just way cool to have.


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Alright then :) will get pics today try to post them . that will be a challenge lol. i have been digging ,not finding much on the noland. and the pds with 36 volt i c i can spend thousands upgrading motor controller and f&r switch and charger and upgrade 6volt to 8 volt batteries. trying to decide if i could just upgrade controller,and or add two more 6 volt . also not sure if i need to upgrade f&r switch as it is just toggle switch. i think pds makes it a ''regan '' system instead of ''series'' or whatever.... whole new world from my 98 gas gas ezgo lol.