More logging pics


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I put my last pics in the lon lifted cart thread, the more I think about it, these pics probably should go here huh? Anyways, here's a few more pics of my trek yesterday. I had to go freshen up the survey tape! It was beautiful, about 54 degrees & light wind. The ground is drying up so it's not a muddy. Hey Fairlane, I lowered my tire psi to 7 lbs. & it rode great, I think I could probably lower them to about maybe 5 psi.

This is where the logger is clearing for our future log home. He's stumping the area. Real good wheeling here!

Here's another angle.

A shot from the rear.


Had to get a poser shot in here, my carts a picture ham!


Lake shot

Here's a pic of my old barn I'm thinking about fixing up, pretty cool shot.


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Thanks guys, I try to spend all my spare time out there. It's great to get away and spend the day in the woods rooting around! (now that's an old one "rooting around")


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mangoridge, Any updated photos of the logging progress? I'm jealous, I wish had that kind of space to ride my cart. Just curious, how many acres do you have? Looks like alot!!!


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Yea I do, thanks otter. We have 140 acres. Here are some pics I took last Sunday.




This is the trail to the cove our logger cut the steep grade out. He did a great job.






Here is an area we are keeping that was select cut. It will look like a park later this summer.



With the logger cutting trails, he's pretty busy and just lets small say 4-6" logs laying around until he cleans it up. I found a skid trail about 1/4 mile long, semi muddy without all those loose logs. I was able to keep pretty good speed up, throwing mud clods and having a blast. Man.......I wish youse guys were here to share the fun. I need to take my video camera and get a clip. It's coming.


Everytime I look at your pics it makes me want to load up and head out to have some fun. Hmmm, 140 acres, may be a good place for a get together..


Real nice acreage and geat pics. It would be nice to fix the old barn up, be a shame to lose that piece of history.


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Thanks HRC & Jray. Yes there is a real good possibility of a get together. Logger is moving on to another job. He will be back after christmas to select cut another section. The barn has a few years on it. Don't know how many but the condition it's in, I would guesstamate about hhmmmmmm.........70 years, The foundations crumbling. The wood is still in good shape. It would be big $ to fix up. The siding woild bring bug $ to, but I'm keeping that if we don't fix it up. I need to cler out all the old hay inside, never know what I may dig up, I do know the dagone yellow jackets nest in the old hay and the mud dobbers are all over the inside top which is waaayyyy up there. I'm just rambling on..... more to come.


Yes, i see that barn could run in to some money to fix up. Probably cheaper to build a new pole barn, but old buildings have a lot of character. Keep the pics coming on your progress.


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I was wondering too. Mango said it was a lake, I think.

It looks like a private lake. You seem to have it to yourself. Are there many homes/cabins on it?


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Yes it tis a lake, Smith Mountain Lake. It's a man made lake, pretty big. We live on the the main feeder river which is still Smith Mtn Lake. Here's' the link. It's a public lake, still plenty of real estate left. There are cabins to rend at the State Park and plenty of rental real estate. There is a house on the lake right down the road that rents out weekly, they provied jet skies and an atv to transport them to the dock which is down a rather steep gravel road.

There are homes around right outside of our 140 acres so we are kinda by ourselfs and we are going to keep the privacy. The gravel road to our new house is about 2400' long. We are building overlooking the lake.


I checked out the website and it looks like a REAL nice place for sure.
Whats the average price for water front per acre?


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That is one big lake! Now I understand the navigation aids! That marker might signal a hidden hazard underwater from when the damn created the lake. You're very fortunate to have property there!


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Thanks all. Yes it is a bit of paradise. I'm not much on water navigation,,,yet, we'll get a boat when we move out there. I do know that you steer away from a red marker, the shore line is rock on this particular cove which is an advantage, most people on the lake have to get the shoreline rip-rapped which is rocks in the range of 8"-10" to keep the bank from eroding.

Hey, you may not be to far off about the party/get together, the future holds many adventures!