MoKanCraig's Ez


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'88 Gasser
Drop axle from Kraft Implement on eBay
TXT front springs
BU rear spring blocks
Diamond plate rockers and floor mat from RCC
Diamond plate shock shield from O'Reilly's (DeeZee mud flap)
Shorter belt
22"x11"x10" All Trails on ITP aluminum wheels
Custom clearanced front plastic
Custom built rear bumper

And it's just a whole lot of fun!


LMAO... Looking forward to seeing what you'll try now with the added torque
Glad to see your happy with the shorter belt.


Did you shorten the TXT front springs? I'm thinking about using them on mine but wasn't sure how it would look with the longer wheel base. Your looks nice the way it is and the added tire clearance is a plus.

club car man

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ok. just wandering. mine has gottin better at hills but the way some other people talk it should do way better than it does.