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newbie....need a little help. purchased a mod EZGO (bigger tires, cusomt body, etc) from a dealer a little over a year ago. It has ran great but now I have hit a problem (wont go) I have looked for serial # /model # all over the GC and cant find anything. It has a custom body and dash so i believe the plate was removed. dealer is no longer in business. I am having what i believe is a motor issue (after a lot of reading) and want to diagnos using info off this site to determine what to replace but neet to know this info to get started properly.


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Any thoughts anybody

I am going to start troubleshooting this weekend and dont want to make any (expensive) mistakes.

I needto start down the wiring, solenoid, controller, motor, etc. troubleshooting steps that are on this site to diagnosis my problem, I dont want to have to pay somebody to fix something I can.

Is there any type of switch, or wiring, or axle, or anything that helps identify model and year for me?

thanks to anybody in advance that can give some guidance.............


On late 2003 and newer EZGO's they don't have the serial plates in glove box. They moved them under the seat on the frame rail above and behind batteries. Look there and see if you find anything. If not post some pictures of the cart and under the seat.