Missing VIN Plate


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I'm looking to buy a gas EZ-Go TXT cart but the VIN plate is missing from the glove box. The rivets are there so I'm sure there was one at one time but there isn't one now.

It's an older gentleman and not some shady kid. He seems to be a pretty stand up guy and says he bought it over two years ago without a VIN plate but I don't know what to do. I want to drive the cart through the neighborhood and don't want any trouble from the Cops so what should I do?

Pass on the cart and not buy it? OR is there another way to get a replacement VIN plate so I'm not questioned? I like the cart and really want it but I need advise. Thanks!

wjerlinger at yahoo . com


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I bought a golf cart without an ID plate about ten years ago. I had it for two years and one day the guy next door called the cops because we were shootin trap. The cop nosed around a little and asked me who's golf cart it was and I said mine. Then the cop said prove it and that was that, it was gone! I had a bill of sale but no ID plate and they had a stolen Golf Cart file from 150 miles away so they took it.
they did give it back to me SIX years later. :unsure:

I'll never do that again :hattip: :usa:


Look under the seat, the newer EZGO's have the serial number there instead of the dash. But if there's rivets in the dash it does sound like the tag was removed...


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Does somebody have a VIN plate or dash with VIN plate that they could sell me from a parts cart? I know it's not the best way to do it but should I post in the want ads or something for one?

All of a sudden it seems like I'M the shady one but I really want the cart and don't want to take the chance of losing it for six years.