Missing out after 4 miles, CHAPTER 2


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It sure acts like it is running out of gas; surge, die; surge, die; then if finally dies and won't start again until it sets (or sits) for awhile. Neighbor "borrowed" a supposedly good fuel pump and that does no good either. He has a new one ordered that will arrive Tuesday (July 5). In the meantime, I tested the ignition with a test spark plug and it appears a little weak, but about the same as my wife's Club Car. I tried an auxiliary gravity fuel tank; same results.

1. Is some pressure required on the fuel line to open the float in the carb? (so that the gravity gas tank would not work)

2. Is there a way to test the spark (in line) while the engine is running to prove that the spark is "always there" rather than intermittent?

3. What next???????????

Thanks, neighbor Joe


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the carb will work fine on a IV bottle, any auto parts will sell inline spark testers, handy little tools