Mini Cooper Wheels on a Marathon.


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Hey all.....

Got a question for you all..

A couple of months ago, my future father-in-law told me that he had an '83 Marathon Golf cart sitting in his shed that hadn't been started in over 10. He said that if I could get it started...I could keep it. Well...after cleaning the carb, replacing the battery, replacing the fuel filters and adding some fresh started right up. Since then, I've added a 5" lift kit....a light kit....some replacement wheels/tires and have gotten a new paint job. I went to my brothers the other day and noticed that he had replaced his 17"s with some 20"s on his Mini Cooper. Just for the heck of it...I grabbed his old 17" rims and held them up to the cart. To my surprise....the bolt pattern matched perfectly. Unfortunately, the rims were a bit to shallow (or the spindles were too long). I also noticed how heavy the wheels were.

My question is....has anyone out there done a wheel upgrade with some Stock Mini-Cooper rims? If so....what was the outcome? I know that I'm going to need to buy some spacers to get them to fit, but has anyone tried this yet?

Just for the heck of it..I'm attaching some pictures for you to look at. My fiance gave me the "thumbs up" to build this cart so we can drive away from the church on the day of our wedding. Do any of you have any ideas to make this cart look / perform any better?

Thanks much for your time....

Ok...I just realized that I have no clue on how to add pictures to this post. If anyone would like to see some picts of what I have so far....please let me know.