miles, speed,and quality of ezgo


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How many miles will ez go cart travel on single charge, and how long is charge time? How fast does cart go also ? I do not own cart yet just looking for information. I am looking for a used one for hunting just do not know what kind to look for ? It is little muddy sometimes , and we have small hills. I was looking at a bad boy buggy but little to costly for me , and they have a lot off bad reports on the internet.Hope an ez go will be a good choice. I was looking to spend around 2 grand or less on a good used cart , I hope.Thanks for any information any one can give me.


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With good batteries you should get around 2 hours of continuous run time. The run time will vary with the conditions you're using the cart for. Average charging time should be 6 to 8 hours but can take as long as 16 hours if the batteries are run down to very low voltages. Top speed on a stock cart will be around 12-14 mph.