mid 90's electric CC value


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had a mid90's stock electric club car given to me today at work...it was used my the guards that used it to patrol our facility on days with bad weather....

a new guard company got the contract and the cart was left behind....

it's an extremely clean cart always drove on asphalt...no rust or cracks

it appears to be totally stock, every thing supposedly works, and I was told that the only reason, it isnt used is that the batteries wont hold a charge and need replaced....it has a charger with it......

what could I fairly ask if I wanted to turn around and sell it real quick???

I need to fund my lift kit and tires and possibly a few other goodies


If the cart isn't running and needs batteries I'd say $500.00 tops.
With new batteries and in good condition $1500.00.

You will make a lot more money on it running with new batteries...