Melex My First Golf Cart

Hey everybody, I'm Doug and I just got my first golf cart, it's a Melex. I have always wanted one but with three girls, play cash is always hard to come by. I've browsed other forums and this one seems to be the coolest. Thank you guys for making this a great site.

I have already gained an incredible amount of knowledge from y'all and so I feel I should share the fruit of that knowledge. I'm just getting into this, so please bare with me as I get used to sharing a project. Yes, pictures, I know, pictures. We all like 'em so I'll do my best. Not sure if folks will even be interested in a Melex project, but as you know, at least ANYTHING I do will be custom on this tank.

I got it from my uncle for $300. So I think I'm in the game for short money, everything considered. It runs at the time of this photo, and is for the most part all there. However there are some glaring issues that will need to be addressed. Ultimately, I like to build a big block for this baby, but as I understand it, that's a bit of a pricey venture. But a man must have his dreams.

So the first thing about this cart that will need attention is a drive belt. My uncle bought the wrong one so it wont really propel itself.

The second glaring issue is the front suspension. You're going to love what some previous owner did to "lift" this cart an inch.

Ok, I'm thinking I'd better go ahead and fire this off to see if it posts properly, as I've never joined a forum before, much less posted to it.

More to come, thanks for looking and your comments an suggestions are welcome.
So about this lift job; I suppose the block technique is solid. Although the material wasn't really given too much consideration. But it does clue me in on what happened to the B post or rear strut for the top. Anyway, I have no idea where the logic was in raising the fulcrum point for the upper control arms!

My uncle told me he didn't know why, but going forward the wheels stand right up as they should, but going in reverse they fall in. Well in order to overcome the whole falling in at the top thing this guy severely towed them in so they were digging in, thus they stood up when going forward. Talk about shade tree challenged...

So if I'm a do a lift on this thing, it sure aint going to be for an inch. So I decided to go with 3". I kept the block idea for the springs, but had to weld in some gussets on the underside of the frame front to catch the upper control arms. Oh, and I had to cut and drop the steering linkage 3" as well so things didn't get in the way of each other. So after much thinking, measuring, cutting, welding, grinding, sanding, priming, and painting.
This is what I ended up with for the front end.

Now the rear lift for the 1" was accomplished with shackles and I'm keeping it. So putting in 2" blocks over the axle brought up the rear so to speak. I needed to replace U-bolts and top plate, so I went with a little heavier material.

Still need to clean up the rear, sand, prime, and paint...

Can anyone ID the drive clutch? It seems worn out. Has a dip in the sheaths about half way up. Need to repair or replace. Any thoughts?


Tennessee Squire
:welcome: to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum Doug.

The campground I used to go to had a lot of Melexs. Be careful backing up, those rear corners bend real easy. Knowing nothing else about them all I can do is wish you Good Luck.
Hey thanks guys. If you observe anything grossly overlooked, I trust someone will let me know. I appreciate constructive criticism.
Oh, before I forget, here's the cart's stats to the best of my knowledge:

Melex 512G
3" lift
9 HP Briggs bone stock
10" steel rims
22" mud busters

So in order to present this to the family for Christmas, I had to go ahead and make it presentable. So I cleaned everything up, installed some front running lights. At this point in time, I had only ridden it out the driveway and back just to see if the belt I took a chance on from NAPA would work. It was my second gamble as the only word I could get from cart part dealers was, "Not until after the first of the year." (not good for a Christmas presentation). First try was a trailblazer belt for a snowmobile, which it promptly chewed up and spit out.

I did get the seats done but didn't get a picture before I took her out of ICU. I'll get one up in a little while. I just cleaned the material and wrapped it a little better. I think it made a big difference.
Like some of my high school girlfriends, she looks much better in the dark...

So I finally got to take it out and see what what it would do. Well all I can say after a blistering 11-12 miles per hour is :thumbdown: A vomit icon would be more appropriate, but you get the idea. I'm somewhat of an adrenalin aficionado. So after pouring over all of the forums, I've cleaned the carb and choke, replaced the airfilter, and adjusted the throttle linkage, which has yielded a solid 14 mph. More respectable, but nowhere near what I'd like. I've ordered a digital tach so I can play with the govenor. When that gets here prolly tomorrow, I'll have to figure out this queer looking govenor set up. It doesn't look at all like what most of you have on the big three.
So does anyone know how to adjust this rig? I'm guessing it is adjusted by turning the nut called out above and prolly tightening it. Any thoughts?
I adjusted the governor with the information I found here on Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum and the old Melex golf cart is haulin' the mail now. :thumbsup: