Melex first cart

So I've been going through my cart to get it up to snuff. The short story is in the member carts section. Anyway, quite a few issues, but the main ones are as follows:

1. have to choke it more than i should even after it is warmed up. I disassembled the carb today and cleaned it. It wasn't bad but the cleaning didn't hurt. Still needs choking when it shouldn't. Has some old gas mixed with new, so I'm thinking (hoping) that getting fresh fuel will solve this issue. Thoughts?

2. Got my tach today. After the carb cleaning it was reading 4200 RPM at top speed. But the cart is only moving at about 14 mph. The sheaths are worn right about half way up on the drive clutch and the driven clutch has a ridge that prevents the belt from going all the way down to the bottom. When in neutral they both appear to be operating properly, but it's a bit of a trick to watch it transition while under way. Going to try it first chance I get. But I do know that when I encounter an incline it slows down a lot. More than it should. Do I just need a new clutch? Both or just drive? And if so, what clutch to buy? I want to build a big block this coming spring, so can I get a clutch that will work on this 9 hp Briggs that will handle a built big block?

3. Last thing I'll mention now is the oil level. When I got the cart the first thing I did was check the oil, it was over full. Like twice the level of the hash marks on the stick. Say an inch to an inch and a half. So I drained it, put a quart back in, checked it and it was perfect. Ran around in it a little and checked it a couple days later and it was over full again! Only thing I can figure is gas is getting in the base. It's the only other fluid in the system. Anyone know how this can happen? I've heard of some old Hondas filling the base if you don't shut off the fuel valve, but not a Briggs. This doesn't even have a shut off.

If anyone has any wisdom they would like to impart on any or all of these issues I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry for being so wordy but I wanted to give everything I got so the experts around here can get the best idea of what I'm dealing with.

Thanks guys!


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Sounds like you need to replace the fuel pump. This is very common--vacuum diaphram has small hole and you get gas in the oil.


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i agree
fuel pump problem. have you checked the compression and if so what was it
Thanks guys.

I was told the fuel pump was new. But it sure could have been replaced with a bad one.

Nubs, I don't have a tool to check compression. Not sure what to look for. What do you call it, a compression meter or something? When I get it, I guess I would remove the plug and turn it over?

Thanks again!


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there are different Styles but this is inexpensive and had at any auto parts store.

they run between 9 and 20 bucks, the compression number will give you a good idea what condition the engine is in.

OK, I checked the compression and it was 180. I don't know what Briggs specs for this 9 hp wonder, but 180 sounds high to me. Could that mean there's lots of carbon build up?
Any thoughts on the 180 psi compression?

I put a new plug in, and without setting the gap(cuz I couldn't find the spec anywhere), it sure runs a lot smoother.