Melex drive clutch


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I have a Melex gas golf cart and need info on how to remove the drive clutch. It started vibrating like crazy and has just seperated (all loose inside). Also where can I buy a new or rebuilt clutch. The clutch has a outer nut on the hub like to hold the clutch while removing the nut. I wonder which direction the bolt turns.


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The Melex golf cart was modelled after the EZ-GO. I'm wondering if a Comet clutch like the ones used on EZ-Gos will work? You'll have to wait until someone else with more clutch knowledge answers your post. I do know 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines use different styles. What year is your cart and is it a 2 or 4 cycle?


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A ClubCar drive and driven clutch will work. Look at the OEM number and you will find out that some models bear the same OEM number.

AS for me, I need a drive belt for a Melex 512