Melex axle?

I am told this comes from a Melex cart. I am looking for a high speed gear set for the differential. Any ideas if one is available, what year or model I should be looking for or if EZ Go or other cart parts might fit? Does anyone know who built axles for Melex?
Thanks for any help you can offer!
Vernon Wade
Just got the axle and swing arm back from the machinist. Still need to find out exactly what I have. Didn't have much luck exploring the Dana website, but I am hoping it is indeed one of theirs.

The pumpkin housing has a logo that looks like to A's leaning against each other and underlined cast into the top of it as well as this number:


I found no other makers marks or numbers.

The ring gear is stamped 78 5900 and scribed 0.05 7 11

The ring gear has 49 teeth and the pinion 4.

Can anyone tell me the model and manufacturer of this axle? I really need to find a taller gear set for it.



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Adventure Sidecar,
I'm trying to find someone that might help.
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Jimmy B.
doing a google, it looks like a Dana 60 is out of a Jeep! This thing came out of a cart. Did the model 60 get used in carts? Do you know what Dana axles were used in carts? My searches have been coming up blank.

The Dana site sez the model # should be stamped in the web at the back of the differential housing. Mine does not have a model number stamped or cast in it. It does have a logo that looks like two A's leaning together and underlined cast into the top of the housing, but I can not identify this mark. any specifics or direction towards resources would be appreciated!
My trike project is coming along. Afraid I won't have it ready to use in our July S/TEP class, but I am getting closer! Fired it up yesterday for the first time.

I stupidly miscalculated the differential ratio, so I need to find out who built the axle and re-gear it or start over with a new axle. Anybody recognize these markings? No, it is not a Dana Spicer.

On the up side, it handles well with no wobbles and reasonable steering effort It is louder than hell because I had to cut the mufflers off to clear the swing-arm, and the little simulator makes you want to put on the beanie helmet and hang with the "bros".

I found myself saying things like "Ride to Live, Live to Ride" And "Some of the gear most of the time" :rotflmao: