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Here are some pictures of my Melex project, I need some info on charger, its a 48 volt cart tag says it's a 1995 668 and has a hydraulic dump bed but I cant find any information on a 668 but can on a667.
I put 4 marine 12 volt battery in it (until my budget allows new 8volt ones) one of them is a old one. Question I have is the Lester charger clicks when I plug it into the cart and hums real lightly, the gauge dose not move and batteries don't charge. I tested the meter with a simple dc circuit it works. I charged all batteries real good and ran cart for 2-3 hours,
I put my multi meter probes on the crow foot blades right where they enter the cart it shows 48 volts but the on board meter shows only 1/2 charge, and cart moves slow. So does the charger and the on board meter read voltage or amps?
I can not find any information on this Lester charger.
Any help with would be appreciated.


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