Melex 412 Toggle Switch Question


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So i recently aquired a 1991 melex 412. In great condition for what it is. Batteries will need replacing sooner than later but i just drive it around my neighborhood. Anyways my question, there is a toggle switch right to the left of the forward/reverse handle and also near the charging port. I was told when i bought it that it was for tow mode but he didnt know which way is which. I called a local repair shop and they told me there is now way it is a tow switch because something that old didnt have tow mode. Ive tried driving it for a short period of time in both up and down on the switch and cant tell a difference of it doing anything and without trailering it in and getting a bill for them to tell me what it does, i thought id try here. Thanks a bunch. I will attach pic of it from the outside. And another one from the inside tomorrow.


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Ya there is a switch just like it that does the lights on the dash. But thats the only thing i can think of. I will post more pictures of the leads on the back and where its wired too


Someone added that switch so the only way to know what its's for would be to trace the wires and see what they're connected to.
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