melex 112


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i was given a nice melex 112 from a friend, complete ,appears to be untouched. two days after replacing the batts. 6/11 it's losing power. it will go for maybe 500' @ full throttle then die. All three coils and the four cables attached to it are extremely hot. like it could even catch fire. I know resistance coils will get hot, but the wires are melting hot also! I cleaned up were the coils make contact with the cables and also replaced the bolts, no change. the throttle brass buttons look very good. Also checked for obvious loose connections, corrosion etc. My 2 old cushmans never had this problem. Is there another option for solid state resistance that's more efficient and affordable? This is my first post, but have gotten a lot of us full info from others posts!! the wife and kids want their cart back!!!! thanks for the help i appreciate it very much!


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hi' I had the same problem with an old ezgo. The resistor coils were not isolated the former owner had cleaned the connections and replaced the cables but mounted the coils to the cart frame. there is a piece of phenalite or non metalic board that the coils get mounted to than it is mounted to the frame. that was my problem. It may be a bad connection or cable but it sounds like you checked all that. hope this helps. later o.c.f.