Melex 112 rewire problems...Help!!!


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Hey guys,

I have a Melex 112 around a 75 model and I am trying to rewire it. The keyswitch wasnt hooked up nor were other things and when I would put it in forward or reverse it would kinda jump telling me that there is power to it even when the cart isnt moving. So I decided to rewire it according to a diagram I found for an ezgo which had the same wiring as a melex 112. after I got everything done I hooked the batteries up and noticed I didnt have any power. I put the cart in forward....then reverse and when I did I heard some arcing. I switched it back to forward and it arced again causing a fire on the F/R assembly. after taking the assembly off I noticed the arcing was between the concats on the assembly. I want to make sure that my cart and everything is wired correctly and I need a diagram that shows everything from keyswitch to microswitches even all connections of solenoid .....everything. the diagrams from "vintgage golf carts" don't show the small components like keyswitch and microswitches. I found one from the "image shack" for an ezgo with the same wiring but with the keyswitch and microswitches. If anyone has any ideas please help me figure this out.