ME29 Transaxle Slipping


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New to golf carts, after searching, I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for…

I have an older Western cart that’s been converted with a 125 cc Chinese four stroke and a ME29 transaxle. Engine runs great, 3 forward gears and one reverse. I bought it recently as non running. Turns out it needs a coil and spark plug lead😂😂😂. Also, the transaxle was empty. No fluid at all. No signs of leaking though. Might have been drained before it was installed and never re-filled.

The transaxle is locked into forward gear and the governor cables have been removed.

It just doesn’t want to move!! It’s engaging, but it just seems to be slipping like a clutch…. It’ll barely pull itself in either direction and when you rev up the engine the chain speeds up but the cart doesn’t. Actually pulls a little better at low speed but won’t go up the slightest hill.

I’ve checked the brake hubs and the axles aren’t spinning there. The chain sprocket isn’t spinning on the input shaft either. I’ve had the whole thing out from under the cart twice now and disassembled it once and can’t find what’s wrong!!! Everything in the case looks pristine, no metal shavings anywhere.

Does anyone have a clue where I should turn next??

Thanks in advance for any replies!



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