MCIR Golf Cart Drag Race


Ok here you go!!! Let see who's the fastest and who's the best driver!!

This race "IS NOT SPONSORED BY OR AFFILIATED WITH ANY" cart groups, clubs or organizations.
This drag race is "OPEN TO EVERYONE" !!!


Your both welcome!

DS, 330?
I can give you a list of reasons if you want but lets just go with, thats just the way it is.

And why only 16?
Because we are only going to let 16 of the quickest/baddest mother f***er's compete for the championship jacket and cash prize.


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Anything goes as long as the cart is controllable... Is there no restrictions on motor size...voltage.... Rear end.... I don’t want to drive that far to find out that my carts want be allowed to race.... I might be worng but rifter has the only gas carts that can hang with the high voltage electric carts...Will this be a heads race or Bracket ??


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April in Ohio? I think I know why it's only 330'. You'd have frost bite if ya ran the whole track... :)

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Well.... Here I go out on a limb again.... Thank's to ClassyCarts for offering to host an OPEN event... From what I've seen on the forums that I can still see, the most comments have been posted on Cartaholics.... I liked CC's post on BGW.... Put on your big boy pants....LET"S RACE...


Well PD you and i aren't going racing so who cares not me,, just having fun with the turkey thing. :rotflmao: