Maximum RPM for Yamaha Golf Cart Engine


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Hey Guys I have 2 96 Yamaha G16 golf carts. They both run real well But what is the Maximum RPM for a Yamaha golf cart engine? These golf carts have the govenors bypassed, But If I run them at high speed for a period of time I notice that My clutch will hang up. Is this just a heat issue or is the clutch Just wore out? The carts are In AZ and I'm in Ohio right now, But I thought I would Just ask I Plan on doing a his and hers Cart For me and My wife.


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I had the same thing to happen to me on my 1998 Yamaha G16. After I removed the governor the clutch would stick at high rpm's. I am not sure if you are talking about the drive clutch or the driven clutch, but inspect your weights and rollers on your drive clutch. If they are wore out, they will cause your clutch to stick. On mine, one of my weights was not operating correctly. Hope this helps. :cool:


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Be very careful, the 96 Yamaha G-16 stock motor & tranny will detonate if run @ high rpms. There is a fork in the tranny that floats the govener at high rpms with out the gov.arm and spring it is just floating free the fork with destroy your tranny. And also high sustainded rpms on motor things like dropping valves, throwing crank bearing and even breaking connecting rod are very possible. So just be aware.


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Not true,fork in tranny clicks into each gear and is held there by the ball and spring (the one you can tighten with that flat head screw) is what changes the holding force and the required shifting force.