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Here's some cardboard mock-ups (1st time). If you look at the middle bend/crease on the cardboard, you can see how it goes up to meet the back fender. I am going to bring the dash back about 6-8" and may have to lower the steering wheel a few inches. (I have already dropped it about 6".

Suggestions are always welcome. 😉20200520_120552.jpg20200520_120606.jpg20200520_120652.jpg


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Built the front fender skins, 8-1/2" longer than originals a little in the front and the rest on the rear to allow for the dash extension. Still have to build the fender inner braces, for strength. Built the filler panel for the rear of the cart. (Screwed in, for access to the rear end and exhaust.)
Realized the crossover section, over the quad assembly, is bent already, so I'll have to rebuild/repair that section and add more support.
Bought a cheap 36" sheet metal bender and electric shears, for building panels and pieces.
Still progressing ... slowly. It's been 112/113* the last few days. 😅



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Trying to square up and level for the front fender install and building braces for the fenders. I want the fenders removable for access to the front end.
This cart was not square to start with and the rear fenders are not even the same length. I guess they figured it didn't matter, with the original space between the the body halves. Never noticed it before I started trying to figure the body lines to build doors for it.
Have to build a dash now too. I have an 80mph gps speedometer, tach and gas guage, plus turn signal and bright light indicators to install. Etc.20200621_123804.jpg20200621_123748.jpg20200621_123755.jpg


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Found some driving lights from 2-2019 Jeep JLs. I like the looks better than what I had. They look more like headlights. Still building the grill. Its been 110-119* here for the last few weeks. Slowed me down a lot :mad::duh: I'm gonna add the grill slats below the 1" spacer, as well, and have to build headlight buckets.



I was just thinking about this build and wondering how it was coming along. That heat would stop me in my tracks :D Looks good and thanks for the update.