Marathon In Need Of Repair - What's It Worth


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My friend has a marathon that he wants to sell. Its been sitting outside for some time and is covered in mildew and every thing a tree could hit it with. Its missing the batteries but is otherwise complete. It has a custom 12" lift that is designed just like mine minus the wider track. it needs batteries and a complete tear down and paint along with replacing some plastic and seats. What do yall think somthing like this would be worth?

Thanks, Matt


What does it have going for it?
You have described all the bad points now give some good.

What motor, controller does it have.
I have bought them for $100.00 up to $500.00
To be honest if it's sat that long I wouldn't give over $200.00 for it. If a cart is cleaned up and not running but needs small stuff fixed, I would pay more than for one that is nasty.
Batteries will not help matter's. What about a charger?


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For us the charger is generally worth more than the car is running. We have striped down and thrown away more marathons than I can think of.


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It has little to no rust, im not sure about the motor and controller, it has a charger, it does have a very good lift on it but otherwise it would need to be taken apart cleaned and painted. Like I said before it will need seats and some plastic parts. My idea is to get it cheap, redo it like ive done mine and sell it. The good part is Iwill not have to do any fab work to it except a brush guard/light bar if I decide to.