Lowering a CC

I posted this on the other forum simply because it gets more traffic. But, I do feel more at home here---big hug fellas. Okay, nuff of that crap.

Any ideas on how to drop my gas CC about an inch to an inch and a half. I just want to squat it down over the tires a bit. I know I can use blocks in back but any ideas on what to do with the front end other than notching the frame?



Its been a while since I've looked at a Club Car front end but how about some sort of spindle drop?


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I just went & looked at mine. Why not extend the U section on the bottom of the spindle where the spring attaches? Looks to be easy enough to weld on some extensions out of 1/4" strap metal then drill another set of holes 1" down. This would also make it easily reversible. You're into raceing so I'm sure you could fab it up. Wish it was that easy to lift em!
That's kind of what I was thinking. Problem is, I don't have a welder if you can believe that. I do have a fab shop that would do for me fairly reasonably.


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Too bad you aren't close. I'd weld em up for you. Sort of the same priciple as the dropped spindles they sell for trucks. At only 1" I don't think there would be a problem with the rest of the suspension. Probably just have to readjust the toe in.
Thanks for the offer. I appreciate that. With fabing a drop spindle & using all the stock suspension, it wouldn't effect the ride either. Sounds like the way to go.