Lowered Yamaha G-16 Golf Cart


Can't tell, pix are too distorted. Got a "normal" lens so we can see what it really looks like?

Looks promising so far.
Yeah, sorry those are the only pics I have of it and I just sold it, should have taken the pictures with a better cam. Im starting a couple new projects here with thse carts what do you think...? oh new camera too...!

1967 rat rod cushman gettin bagged...!

1979 Yamaha G-1 (dont know what to do with this pile...! any ideas...?)



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Cart looks great, hope your still on here I see post was made in 2008

Can you share how you lowered it?

What size wheels and what size tires?

Getting ready to lower mine from a horrible home made lift job to a lowered cart and need to go from off road tires to tires like this

Thanks in advance