Low power and speed on hills


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2007 EZ GO TXT that has a lift kit, front grill/headlights and large tires. I'm having some issues with low power and speed on hills with my series cart TXT. All other times the cart runs like a champ. One hour after a full charge the batteries read 6.46, 6.44, 6.44, 6.42, 6.24, 6.26 and overall 38.4V. After a one hour ride on very hilly roads the batteries read 6.34, 6.33, 6.33, 6.31, 6.08, 6.08. The last 2 batteries on the series have wire coming in from a harness that I assume runs the headlights.
Would these 2 underperforming batteries cause the low power and speed on hills? Should I connect the headlights to a different battery? If so, which battery or batteries? Can I replace the 2 batteries if that's the issue? I'm fairly new to this and appreciate your ideas and help.


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Yes the batteries with the lights connected to them are low on voltage. You need to charge those 2 batteries as a pair with a 12 volt charger or individually with a 6 volt charger. It would be a good idea to run a separate 12 volt battery for your lights and other 12 volt accessories. Or switch the accessories to two different batteries every month or so.