Low battery indicator

lee miners

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I have recently purchased a second hand 1995 Club Car. I have a possible two problems. The reverse warning is not working but does when I operate the middle micro switch at the charger socket. Do I replace the switch or can I adjust it? Secondly, how/when does the battery warning light come on and how do I test it? I have not seen it come on during 4 recent 18 hole rounds.
What are member views on auto battery filling systems?


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You can adjust the micro switch but be very careful bending the arm. As far as the low battery light not coming on, I usually have to run my cart more than 36 holes before my light comes on so I would not worry too much about that unless you are noticing severe power loss after 18 holes. My opinion on auto battery filling systems, that in my case, is a waste of money. I check my batteries on a regular basis and have not found significant fluid loss. If I had an auto system I would still be checking on a regular basis because I just don't trust auto systems.