loud clicking noise,again


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'84 club car elec Thanks to Hotrodcarts for the transaxle diagram, wouldn't have gotten this far without it.
Replaced the driver side inner and outer axle bearings and the oil seal. Noise is still there. I raised the rear, secured the driver side wheel to see if maybe the noise was on the passenger side, I secured the passenger side the same way and it sounds the same, I guess that means that the passenger side axle bearing is not the culprit. If you drive in reverse there's no noise, the noise returns driving forward. If you COAST in reverse it's noisy, if you COAST forward it doesn't make the noise. Guess it's in the differential. The drive side inner bearing was definitely bad so I'm glad I replaced it, too bad that's not all that's wrong.


Are you sure that your brake drums are true? Since most parts store brake lathes spindels are to big for cart hubs, some people choose not to have them turned when replacing brakes. Out of round drums can intermittently catch the brake shoes that snap back and can cause a clicking noise.