Lot Of Work on My EZGO Marathon


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OK so since it is time to kick back and relax for everyone, It is time for me to get the golf cart ready to romp around the pond!!! I have done a lot of work on this EZGO Marathon and it's time to enjoy it.

- New 18X8.5X8 Turf Trax tires with stock rims re-painted
- New WIRELESS offroad halogen lights
- Body paint touched up
- Bag rack removed
- Radio box painted and speakers mounted in front
- Entire front suspension cleaned and greased
- Front hub bearings re-packed
- Tuneup
- Overall cleaning


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No, the frontend is stock from 1977! I love it, rides great!!

I have since got a new (used) drive clutch, which doesn't rattle like crazy!!

Thanks for the kind words guys!