Lost All Power on My Yamaha G9 Golf Cart


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I was golfing and all of a sudden, I lost all power to my Yamaha G9 golf cart. It doesn't even have a backup beeper. I have checked battery, solenoid and they are both good. I heard there is a fuse somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. ANy ideas will be appreciated.


Look next to the solenoid in a plastic case (g8 possibly g9) or on the g2-g9 will be on top of the driver`s side rear fender (plastic inner fender) under the rear body.

You may need to lift the rear body up by removing the three screws. I pull them down to get at them, but if you don`t know where they are you may grab the wrong part of the harness.

Also check harness for no ground by putting a jumper wire from the battery negative to the engine valve cover bolt.

May have ran the battery dead. try jumping it.

No reverse buzzer means no control power (if it worked before).

I have seen the older style solenoids short out and blow a fuse, but very rare.

Also Check for pinched wires in harness if fuse is blown.