Loose Power After 20 Minutes or so of Use


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I have a EzGo 36 volt TXT PDS. I think it has the Sepex motor.
It reads 38.4 volts after it is driven a lil bit. I need to check after charge. 5 105 trojan and 1 different golf cart battery.
What should I look at or test next?
Also how is this date code work? Mine is E1607?


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I just tested the batteries after charging they are 41 volts. When the charger was running it was running 44 volts.
When I stomped the petal after charging it dropped to 29 volts and got to full speed it was 34 volts. After sitting while typing this it is back to 38 volts.

Patrick L

Well, the date code didn't look right. What are the batteries date codes ?
If all the connections are clean [wire brushed clean] and tight then it seems the batteries are bad/weak.


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This is the only writing I found on the Trojan 105 batteries. The odd ball non Trojan battery was June 2022


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