looking to trade street rod 59 truck.....


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hi huys..i live in jacksonville florida and i am looking to trade my 59 apache pick up truck for
a lifted cart..the truck has a very powerful camed up small block 400..it runs great and looks great.
it has a little rust being 50 years old but is in pretty good shape. i put front disc breaks on it and all the break lines are new..along with the king pins.
i will post some pics.
i am looking for a lifted cart with a back seat that is fast but safe and cool looking..
i am sure i will be trading down a bit but the economy dictates it.
i paid 11k for my truck 4 years ago and put another 3k plus into it..it has never been raced but has
tons of short 1-2nd gear burn outs in it.
let me know if you know of anyone or if you have something.
thanks for your time. i am enjoying the site and learning lots, my eyes hurt from reading and looking at all the pics.
dave gill 904-483-7307 [email protected]

i have tons of pics upon request