looking for yamaha g1 homemade lift kit specs plan


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ok i have been looking for a forum where people actually know whats goin on and i think i found it. i just got a 1982 (i think) G1 my parents got a new one so i aquired the old one... so im looking to do some modifications i need to rip it down and sand down and paint where the batterys set (lots of rust) also need to clean the contacts on the solenoids seems like it was kicking into reverse automatically even with the key off... (idk) i sprayed the crap out of the solenoid with contact cleaner seemed to work all day then the next 2 days it didnt work it has been raining so i havent messed with it checked it today and low and behold it worked?!!? i think i need to clean the contacts anyway im looking for a lift kit i dont have the 250 i think is the cheapest i have have found so far but i saw someone (COPB) mention a homemade lift kit im not goin for pretty im going for functional so my question where can i find this homemade lift kit information i have been searching the internet for about a month now and i cant find any information anywhere


Theres a post on this forum somewhere that has the details on the homemade lift for a G1. I'll see if I can find it.