Looking for Specifications On a Trailer for EZGO w/ Rear Seats


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Just put deposit on a used 2014 EZGO TXT golf cart and they are putting on a rear seat.
Wondering what I would look for as far as specifications on a trailer for this? I don't plan to transport a lot but could make use of a trailer from time to time anyway for other things. What would I be looking for? From what I've been able to gather, looking at the EZGO TXT 2+2 page the length is about 9' and 4' wide



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Thx for the reply. That is one of the trailers that I think my local Lowes has.
Other things:
Haul junk to landfill
Furniture moving/helping friends

Do the golf carts do well with that style of ramp? Will a non lifted cart with the rear seats have enough ground clearance to load/unload ?


That trailer is rated for 1,300 lbs so it sits a bit lower than the 2000 lb, the ramp will work fine as long as You take the time to set Your hitch height on the tow vehicle:twocents:

I would look at some different brands and get a feel for them.