looking for power for cc


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hellow all,new member and somewhat to carting. I have a 2001 cc gas with 6"lift 22-10-10s and ive moved the gov out to find some gain.any help on finding more, Im getting ready to add the driven spring and a larger jet .can you remove the gov or modify?what about the rev limiter?Thanks


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Here's a post on getting more speed out of a Club Car.
Club Car Throttle Cable and Governor Adjustment

You can unhook the ground wire on the rev limiter to disable it but I'd suggest a tach if you do. I usually adjust them until it justs starts hitting the rev limiter then back off a little until the RPM is just under hitting the rev limiter. The zip tie method mentioned in the link I posted works well on the newer Club Cars and makes it easy to adjust so your not bouncing off the rev limiter...