Looking for factory 12.5:1 gears for 2004 Club Car DS trade my high speed gears


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Hi Guys

I just purchased the above and it has the 6:1 high speed gears installed. Cart will run a little over 30 mph and will climb just fine. I have a gravel incline at my house that the cart goes right up with 10" wheels and 205 size tires on it. I bought cart for my kids to drive so need to slow this thing down to the factory speed.
I am willing to trade my high speed gears for factory gears

Also has handicap controls or hand controls that I need to sell
Also has Door Works black enclosure that I need to sell


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You might want to post separate ads for the handicapped controls and enclosure in the For Sale section so more people will se them.


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Hi there

I found some. Actually going to be installed this week. I’ll have the high speed gears left