Looking for a wiring diagram Melex 745 1988


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I have a Melex model 745 that was made in 11/14/1988. Of course I was told that this is an EZ GO copy. What I cannot find is a wiring diagram that corresponds to my cart for the same year of an EZ GO.

I am in the process of cleaning up the burnt and cracked wiring and moved on to some of the control wiring. The wires I cut ended up not being the wires i thought they were when I went to connect to the new wires. i removed two blue wires from the post of the solenoid with the POSITIVE battery wire connected to it. I removed what I thought was the same two blue wires on the F/R contactors. It appears that two of those blue wires were from the key switch.

Now I need some help... The more I look the more it seems like someone hasn't wired this correctly but I am new to wiring carts.

Cart was working before I touched it today. I attached pictures of the controller, solenoid, F/R, ect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Contactor isn't pulling in on the Pot box. Previously, when the key was switched on the contactor pulled in and heard the "click". only difference i see is there is no WA device for when the cart is in reverse. Need any suggestions or point me to the correct thread if possible. Thanks.


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Nevermind! had the wire from the key switch on the wrong terminal on the F/R module. It runs again. Notes on the wiring diagram: All the same put the pot box appear to be different. Might just be my understanding of the drawing and symbols. Thanks for the help!!