Looking at this cart, need advise


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Hi everyone, newbie here, should see me around here quite frequently as I hope to buy a cart here in the next few weeks.
There is the club car not far from me, and wanted to know your thoughts on this.

The ad reads as follows:

I have for sale a 1996 Club Car Golf Cart, It has a new carb, and shift cable, battery is in good shape. This cart runs and drives good, It does seem to have alittle smoke when the engine is cold, It may be the new carb is not adjusted properly haven't really messed with it much. All and all it's a decent cart for the money.

I was thinking of looking at this one on my way to look at a Yamaha, I will be driving by this club car on my way to look at the yamaha. Is it worth checking out? a little smoke, I wonder if that means is smokes like crazy?
Let me know your thoughts on what this could be, I dont want something with major problems!


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Thanks for the quick replies! I will have to go take a look at it and see what color it is. One person mentioned it could be the valve stem oil seals? The guy is asking $1200 for it


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1000 1200 is what there goin' for in wisconsin, as long as she runs and looks good.