Lock To Lock Up Tires On A Golf Cart


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Anyone know if they make a special lock to lock a tire so it won't roll. The reason I ask is my brother gets out of prison in a month and I have 2 golf carts and a riding mower I don't want stolen.


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my Daddy would just wait and shoot me with a BB gun if i stepped on to his stuff, worked good. then he'ed tell Ma that i got stung by a bee :rotflmao: :unsure: man, that guy knew how to get a point across.


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I wish a bb gun would work :no: but he already got my chainsaw,hedge trimmer,weed wacker all Stihl brand also $1500 cash that was for my boys tuition payment. He managed to get it all in one night 2 weeks before Christmas. Nothing like going to my dads for our Christmas get together waiting for my brother to show. But he didn't because he was too busy robbing my house. That's why I want something that will lock up my tires so he can't steal anymore of my stuff. I thought taking the wheels off but then i'll have to put them back on each time I want to use one of them.

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Use a baseball bat and wear protective gear to avoid blood splatter... or a large caliber hand gun aimed at the knees will also work... :hattip:


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Depends on how much you truely love (or hate) your brother. I'd electrify the cart and short circut his ass. OOPS... the charger must have shorted out.

That Claw is nice, but expensive to put on all 4 wheels of 2 carts. If you don't he could remove the clawed wheel and replace it with another from the other cart.