Lithium Battery and Cold Weather


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Just bought a new v48 Lithium (one bms) from Vatrer on black friday special. I needed to replace the old lead acid and thought this would be a good option.

I live in the midwest and winter is coming. I'll probably do the install in April but until then I need to store the battery. I thought I'd keep it in the garage, it's not heated but insulated and I keep beer, water and soda in the garage during the winter and they never freeze. I don't know how cold it gets in the garage but it's not 32 degrees.

I was hoping to not bring it in the basement although it would be easy for this first winter because the battery is not installed. It weights about 100lbs and I can easily move it around for storage. I don't want to do this yearly though, once it's bolted in, I'd like to keep it in the cart.

Anyone know if this is ok to keep in my garage, or should I consider alternatives???


Storage and use at cold temperatures is not a problem. You must not charge at below freezing temperatures though.

Ensure that there is sufficient charge in the battery, try to get it to around 60% if it isn’t already there and it should be fine until April. Check the charge monthly. The BMS will be the only load on the cells and it should not drop but as I don’t know the battery, and hence the BMS it uses, it should be checked to ensure the BMS itself doesn’t drain the battery down.

I’ve had batteries stored for over 12 months with just the BMS online and without a charge and it’s been fine. Yours should be too, but I’d keep an eye on it just to be sure.


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Before I installed my BMS my batteries would stay charged for almost a year I put the BMS on and it drains them down monthly or sooner


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Thanks for the info, very helpful. I see a self discharge on the bluetooth app, i'm guessing this should be kept OFF?