Liquid Lennys Custom and Golf Cart Bodies


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Thanks Rod & Jay. I turned a passion into a business. Six months ago I sold a boat & one of my hot rods. Went out & bought 8 golf carts. I sent this guy a pm on the forum. I cant mention his name because he gets pretty Dirty... Him being from the South would be understandabl. Any how I gave him a hard story about being old , broke , & broken down & could he sale me some golf cart parts made in the USA . Holy Chit he fell for it. I mean, he said sure. I been legit for 3 months now . Sold all eight carts plus three more. I am a dealer for Continental, Odyssey, & Trojan batteries. I am a dealer for Red Hawk, Double Take, Strech Plastics & that little place in Pensacola Florida.. Yall know ??? Krazy Karts buddy. I even sell plum quick motors. There too stupid to even know it.. I just peel off their sticker , repaint the can & put mine back on. Hell , I figure if they can do it why cant I.... :hattip: