Liquid Chemical Battery Desulfator


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As an Engineer I'm a skeptic when it comes to Snake Oils and am new to my Electric Golf Cart (1997 EZ Go with six Trojan T 105 Batteries) but was looking for opinions and any experiences with a liquid chemical "Desulfator" similar to that sold by Buggies Unlimited. The electronic pulser desulfators do make some sense to me.
Whatcha think any desulfator experienced gents?? Waste of money or actual results???


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The liquid stuff may add a little but not enough to justify the expense and effort. It works ok to milk a couple of months out of a starting battery but not motive batteries.
The jury is still out on the pulse generators but once again a nice sounding concept without any real world experience or factual documentation.
IMO, batteries that are maintained properly will give you 5-8 years of life without all the BS.