Linear Acceleration Device (LAD) in a 2006 Par Car Pro Street Edition Eco Lithium Battery Conversion


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I have a 2006 Par Car Eagle pE4 Pro Street Edition golf cart that has had some battery troubles recently. Therefore, I tried to change the batteries to Lithium Ion with the Eco Battery system (picture shown). However, the battery system of the golf cart works and the 12 volt system turns on, but the cart will not move. I cannot seem to get the wiring correct because I am getting two error warnings on my DC controller. One is two flashes which could mean an illegal start condition (such as the accelerator pedal being depressed) and another is six flashes which is an issue with the Linear Acceleration Device. I cannot seem to connect the LAD adaptor to the main wiring harness correctly and I was wondering how this should be done properly. The LAD was working fine before I attempted to replace the batteries so I see no reason why it should be an issue with the LAD itself. On top of this, I cannot figure out where to connect the key switch to because in many other carts it seems like the cables go directly into the main wiring harness with no connection. Photos of the situation are posted as well. Any help to resolve this issue is much appreciated.


  • Full View of Front Harness.png
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