Limo Diamond Plate Rockers


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I'm getting a EZGO 6 passenger limo for my wife. Does someone make long diamond plate rocker panels for these? I've seen pictures of carts with them but I can't find them any where.


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if you can find them they will most likely set you back a shiney dime. if i needed some i would try to pick up some diamond plate new or from a scrap yard or recycling facility, make a template, cut it out and take it to any sheetmetal shop. they can put the top and bottom bends in it with no problem and they can do it cheap. after that polish them up and BAM!, shine built with your own hands.
. the wife dosent let me spend much money so ive learned if i want something id better try to build it before i ask permission to buy it.


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I've always heard it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Maybe thats why I have 3 divorces under my belt. LOL



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I was going to make dimond plate rocker panels but I thought it would look horrible with my dimond plate floor panel. only took me $30 a plasma cutter, some help, and a compressor.


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Thanks ACE as it turns out they came with the new cart I ordered along with a lot of other extras I did know I was getting.

Matt the carts for my wife so money is no object